Getting things done,
that’s what we’re here for.

QuantiMedia was born in 2012 in Burbank – a quiet little suburb of Los Angeles.  We cut our teeth as a performance ad network, working at the intersection of advertising and publishing to drive meaningful & measurable conversions.  However, as the industry evolved, so did we, expanding our skills and offerings to include agency services, web development, and level of custom software/app development generally not seen outside of the Fortune 100.

We offer the strategic insight of an economist, with the methodology of a mathematician, the technical skills of an engineer, and none of the soul-crushing delays, pipelines, reprioritizations, or “sprints” of the tech industry.  Projects that have been quoted as requiring months generally only take weeks with us.  When we take on projects for clients, we build with their business needs in mind, not mockups or spec sheets.

We can help you with building the technological capabilities that will grow and support your business.  Email us or give us a call – we’re always around and available to talk.

Campaigns Optimized.

Cups of coffee consumed.

Pizza's eaten.

Excuses made.

Core Competencies

Web Development:
Custom Application Development:
Digital Marketing:
Data & Analytics:
Database Development:
Strategic Analysis:
Contingency Planning:
Digital Security:

5 People

Dozens of Projects

Infinite Ideas

6 Reasons for us to work together


Business Drives Business

We were business people before we became tech people and we understand that our technology is here to support your business.

We're Anti-Boxed

You’ll never find us trying to get your problem to fix our preexisting solution.  All of our projects are out of the box and custom made.

We're flexible

We don’t like the idea of “Business Hours.”  We work when we need to work.  And if our customer needs something delivered – then we need to work.


We're secure

Digital security is a project in and of itself.  We recognize that.  We understand that.  We live and breath that.


We're discreet

Your awesome, super-secret internal platform should never end up as part of a client portfolio.  We’re not sure why others don’t get that.


We know how to party

No one wants to work with a technical developer who sounds like a technical developer.  We get it.  We’re not those guys.